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Find Commute Matches


Looking for a travel buddy?

Our online ridematching system – SmartRide – makes it easy to find friends, classmates or coworkers going your way. Whether you’re carpooling, taking transit, walking, rolling or cycling, SmartRide will help you find a buddy to share your commute, along with directions to your destination.

How does it work?

SmartRide matches users based on point of origin, destination and travel route, as well similar schedules, and method of travel.

Communicate safely and securely through the app – you can share as much or as little information in your profile as you desire. When SmartRide finds your potential matches, you can choose to contact them by sending an email through SmartRide and discussing your commute arrangements.

Did you know the average commuter spends over $9,000 a year operating their car?

Save money, reduce congestion, and decrease your carbon footprint with SmartRide.